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anti candida meal dishFor sure, i am going to talk about low carb diet here.

fog candidaI update a list of symptoms caused by candida
natural candida medicineI talk here about both natural & allopathic antifungals.

high carb mealSome foods are really bad & feed candida. repasThis sums up my diet & the successful remedies.

I had my first Candida “crisis” back in 2005. It took me one year to recover. After recovering, i thought Candida will never come again. I was wrong. In 2009, Candida came back again and it was even worst. As per 2014, i am still fighting a systemic Candidiasis even if the most difficult times are now history.

I share here in this blog all my observations related to Candida between 2005 and 2014. I hope it will be beneficial to some people.

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