My candida Treatment

1. Low carb diet:

Low carb diet is a must-have. That’s why i consider low carb foods as part of remedies.

Morning breakfast: Cheese, Rye Bread, eggs
Lunch: Eggs, Fish, red meat, poultry meat, Rye Bread, vegetables and especially raw vegetables. No starchy food at the beginning. Few starchy foods after 6 months.

Sometimes it is mandatory to stop the low carb diet because it is unbearable (Depression, weakness). It is good to keep some high carbs foods in case you feel too bad due to die-off.

2. Beverages:

I drunk gunpowder green tea. I stopped drinking alcohol even for special events (click here to read my testimonial about alcohol). I stopped fruit juices & beverages with sugar in it. Green tea is the hot beverage of choice. After trying several kind of green teas, i have been able to identify the best green tea against Candida.  I have done many tests with many different plants. It appeared that natural licorice & echinacea were useful in raw form.

3. Natural Vasodilators:

I have discovered they helped to maximize effects of remedies in my case. the easiest to take is black arabica coffee with no sugar for sure. Hot showers also helped. I understood i should take on of those before one of the remedy. Coffee is the most important. Consequently, i drunk Coffee & tea.


4. Candida Remedies:

I want to mention something important. At the beginning, i have tried artificial remedies hard & all possible antifungals. I have understood it was not powerful enough to cure me. Perhaps i would have required to take several years of anti-fungal pills and it was not a good idea. Then, I took lots of garlic and it had horrific die-off at the beginning. The power of garlic vanished after time. Then, i have discovered the power of coffee. I must say i stopped coffee because i thought that stimulants were bad. I was wrong. I know that coffee helped me to get improvement. Today, the idea is to drink coffee first and then take one of the following anti-fungals.