Foods & drinks to avoid in case of candida infection

Sweet foods:

High carb food does feed candida. Sugar is the fuel of candida. All the sweet foods should be stopped. This means stop eating: Cakes, sweets, honey, chocolate, sweet yoghourts… i would like to insist there is no GOOD sugar vs BAD sugar. Processed sugar or natural sugar are the same. For instance, it is useless to switch from white sugar to honey.

Starchy foods:

Rice has been defined as part of high carb foods. So, it would be good to stop eating rice. All the starchy foods aren’t the same. Quinoa, peas, lentils are a good alternative to rice. They are other starch foods with a low carb level. I also compared brown & white rices. It appears they are similar.


Fruits contain 3 types of carbohydrates: Fructose, Glucose & sucrose. Most of the fruits have too much carbohydrates. The two exceptions are coconut & lemon (or any citrus) because they are the fruits with a very low amount of carbohydrates. Click here to read my article about fruits.

Sweet drinks:

Soda like regular cokes should be avoided at any price. As i use to say, there is no good sugar, and there is lots of sugar in fruits too. So, it is very important to stop drinking fruit juices. I have done a comparison between sugar in orange juice and in coke. Once again, Lemon juice & coconut juice are low in carbs & they are the only exception to the rule.

Alcoholic drinks:

I guess some people wonder whether they can drink alcohol or not, here is my answer. I think it is important to stop drinking alcohol if someone has a candida infection

Dave scofield

Long time candida sufferer, i am slowly recovering from a systemic candidiasis. I have tested a lot of different things to recover and i share now which natural or artificial "medicines" cure candida or not.

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