Natural remedies against Candida

After testing all sorts of natural antifungals, here is my list of natural remedies against my candida infection.

  • Green tea is underrated natural remedy to fight candida. Why? First of all, when people tell you to drink tea it does not mean anything because the most important is the type of tea and also how much you drink. click here to know more about the best green tea to fight candida.
  • Garlic softgels are really a great remedy against a candida infection. I talk here about softgel because there are two main problems with garlic, it is heartburn & smell. Click here to know more about garlic softgels.
  • Horopito softgels. It is a strong spice with an effect similar to garlic but one softgel is stronger than one garlic softgel.
  • Red oinons is a natural antifungal. It is easy to find in many countries and it does not cost a lot of money.
  • Sun produces vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your immune system. A lot of people the north hemisphere lacks vitamin D. It can help fighting candida. Sun is a well known antifungal since UV kills fungii.
  • Baking Soda. I know that baking soda slowed down the bowel movements of my intestine. Then, in the long term, i am not sure about what the effect of baking soda is.


On the other hand, i have tested other natural remedies that were totally useless against candida: Pau d’arco, Thymus, grapefruit seed extract, carrot juice, probiotics, goldenseal, caprylic acid, all minerals supplements, all vitamins supplements (including vitamin D), iodine. Out of this list, there are other natural antifungals that i have tested but i am not so sure about it so i don’t add it here.