The best anti candida diet

anti candida meal dishFor sure, when you cut the carbohydrates, you start to kill candida but you also feel very bad because of die-off. If Candida is spread everywhere in your tissue, it can take years. Consequently, the low carb diet is the ONLY diet to recover from candidiasis.

By the way, it is a good opportunity to tell you that a fruit diet is a very bad idea. In fact, fruits are full of carbs just like sweets. The vast majority of fruits aren’t good.

Click here to read the conclusion of my experiment with the fruit diet

Starchy food can also be a problem. Strangely enough i have witnessed that they aren’t all the same. Potatoes were better than rice. In fact, after eating a reasonable number of fries or potatoes i didn’t feel anything special. I eat sometimes potatoes. On the other hand, rice brought me the same effect as high carb foods. I have also found that brown rice was not better than white rice.

My low carb diet:

  • No rice
  • No bread
  • No sweets
  • No honey
  • No cakes
  • No fruits
  • No fruit juices

I break sometimes the low carb diet without excess. I eat 2 cakes every week.


One or two meals a day rather than three meals a day:

I have discovered that 24 hours cycle was very important to Candida because i could feel my nose sneezing after more than 8 hours without eating. Also i have felt bowel movements long after eating. I think it also help to remain a low blood sugar. Below, you can see the blood sugar trend for a day with 3 meals. So, i thought, it would be better to have only one peak. I came to this conclusion after my bad experience with water fasting.

blood sugar trend for 3 meals a day

So i have decided to put all my meal together. To my surprise, the digestion didn’t cause anything worst than before. Nevertheless, i had to constantly think about something else in order to avoid nibbling even if i ate a lot during my daily meal. On top of that, i have observed that nibbling has a very bad impact on candida cure whatever i ate.

Exception – When i suspended the low carbohydrate diet:

I must say that at the beginning of the candida crisis, i felt so weak & i craved so much for food that i had to eat something with some carbs in it. So, sometimes, when i could not stand it anymore, i eat some food with carbohydrates in it.

it is always good to keep some foods with a medium amount of carbohydrates in it somewhere in your house in case of emergency. it can be a bowl of pastas, some chocolate, smashed potatoes, some kiwis (easy to eat)..etc..etc….

i have found that It was useless to hurt yourself and go beyond your limits. When i felt that i could not stand it anymore, rather than waiting, i have decided to prepare one of the foods i mentioned before.