Types of successful tea against candida

According to my observations, only green tea can fight candida. I have noticed that white tea and black tea were totally useless against Candida.

In the green tea category, commercial green teabags are just not enough to do something to clean your body.

Only some loose green tea can do something. I have noticed that the tea types with a test closer to seaweed & smoky are the best. The ones with the strongest “character” are the ones that will be the best for your health.

Only loose tea in a big tea pot allow to get the maximum of tea density in water. I personally let the tea leaves brew for several hours before drinking it in order to get the maximum of it.

Usually people tell to let it brew 10 minutes but here we don’t care about the taste. After several experiments i have understood that it was very important to pick up a tea which will bring a very dark color after being brewed several hours.

At the beginning of this process, i wanted to throw up several hours after drinking this intense tea. I have felt die off and i understood it was working when my health conditions improved tremendously sometimes after that.


Dave scofield

Long time candida sufferer, i am slowly recovering from a systemic candidiasis. I have tested a lot of different things to recover and i share now which natural or artificial "medicines" cure candida or not.

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